What Windows do I Have Installed?

Before diving into replacing windows or deciding how many with what type of glass, lets look at the basics here. The first thing you have to do is determine what windows you currently have installed, their dimensions, and the manufacturer that you previously used.

What Window Type Do I Have?

This should be a relatively easy question, but when we are talking with customers over the phone, this is the first thing many people get stuck on. They look at their window and decide that its unsightly, drafty, doesn’t work, or they just want a new one without understanding what they have. Several of the most common window types are:

  1. Double Hung Windows – A rectangle window which opens vertically on both the upper half and the lower half. Double hung’s are the most common windows, and are seen everywhere from small businesses to local homes.
  2. Single Hung Windows – The same as a double hung, but only opens on the lower half of the window.
  3. Sliding Window – A window that slides horizontally on one or both sides.  These are commonly installed in basements or bathroom as long windows that go across an entire wall close to the ceiling.
  4. Picture Windows or Bay Windows – These are usually a focal point in a room. They are large windows which usually overlook a front or back yard. The key difference here is that a bay window will always have some type of platform inside, and extend beyond the walls of the house to protrude outside.
  5. Casement Windows – These are usually crank open windows.

What Size Window Do I need?

When calling up a window contractor, always take two different sets of measurements. Measure the window height and length inside of the window frame, and on the outside of the window frame. This will really lock in the size that you are looking to get an estimate on and will allow them to give you an estimated range.

More often than not, you will receive a quote based upon the size of the window frame, because many window installation companies will remove the existing frame and install a new one to make sure that their product is properly sealed off.

What Windows Do I Currently Have?

Whether you are looking for the previous window manufacturer to have it replaced, or file a claim that the seal was broken, you’re going to need to know who installed it and what they installed. Locate your original home installation contract if you’ve never replaced your windows, or contact the previous contractor who installed them last.  If there is a possible warranty, they will need the make and model of the window and the sealant they used.

If you would like some local help you can always call in a window contractor or contact your local home improvement store to walk you through the identification process. If you are looking to do this after hours or on your own we would recommend that you use the NAMI website as a tool to identify the window manufacturer name and ID.

List of Current Window Manufacturers

If that website URL doesn’t work or you are looking for a short list to spur your memory, a list is copied below of the Window manufacturer and their ID number.

A Window Inc. – 412-1
Acadia Windows and Doors – 317-1
All Seasons Window & Door Manufacturing, Inc. – 353-2
All Temp Window Products – 165-1
Alpen HPP, LLC dba Alpen High Performance Products – 1914-1
American Exteriors Mfg. Inc. (Ponderosa) – 591-1
Arlene Stained Glass & Door Co., L.P. – 1672-1
B.F. Rich Company – 292-1
Changshu Hard Glass – 1547-1
Changshu Yili Building Material Company, LTD. – 1689-1
Coastal Industries, Inc. – 1632-1
Columbia Glass & Window Co. – 792-1
Columbia Metal Products Co. (KS) – 790-1
Custom Built Window & Door – 1628-1
Custom Window Systems, Inc. – 629-1
Diamond Windows & Doors – 1633-1
Elixir Industries – Division 34 (TN) – 1773-1
Fen-Tech, Inc. – 354-1
Fene-Tech, Inc. – 1037-1
Fenergic – 1591-1
GlassCraft Door Company – 1157-1
Heartland Window Manufacturing – 1018-1
IDP, Inc. – 1655-1
J & M Glass Company, Inc. – 396-1
Jantek Industries – 347-1
JELD-WEN Custom Doors (IWP) – Ciudad Industrial – 548-1
Jenkins Manufacturing – 1615-1
Kensington HPP, Inc. – 1954-1
LAS Enterprises – 1124-1
Lockheed Window Corporation – 334-1
MariTech Windows – 1477-1
Mathews Brothers Company – 335-1
Mercury Excelum, Inc. – 336-1
Phace LLC dba Accent Windows – 1126-1
PIVA Group spa – 1722-1
Ply Gem Window Group (Alenco – GA) – 162-1
Ply Gem Window Group (OH) – 1411-1
Ply Gem Window Group (VA) – 1408-1
Qinhuangdao ABP, Co. LTD. – 1608-1
Quaker Window Products – 031-1
RSL, Inc. (NJ) – 732-1
RSL, Inc. (OH) – 1436-1
Sain-Gobain Polska Sp z o.o-Lubartow – 1703-1
Saint-Gobain Polska Sp z o.o-Pruszkow – 1704-1
Serious Energy, Inc. – 1437-1
Shanghai Kinghua IG Blinds Company, Ltd. – 1925-1
Shwinco Architectural Products, LLC – 692-1
Silver Line Windows – 1674-1
Star Windows, Inc. – 804-1
Sun-Tek Manufacturing, Inc. – 225-1
Suzhou Taifeng Glass Decoration Co., LTD – 1732-1
Target Windows and Doors, Inc. – 1641-1
Therma-Tru Corp. (Mexico) – 1574-1
Thermal Gard Building Products – 695-1
THV Compozit Windows & Doors – 1578
Tri State Building Materials Corp. – 1626-1
Trulite Window &; Door Solutions, LLC – 1880-1
Vinylmax LLC – 072-1
Vytex Windows – 226-1
West Window Corporation – 113-1
Wincore Window Company, LLC – 1640-1
Window Tech Systems, Inc. – 008-1