The LF Priority and Advantage

As I’ve mentioned in the about Michelle page, I am here with a purpose, a goal.  I am here to document my families success in home improvement.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners improve their home and move up in the world. We have helped countless homeowners be more comfortable in their home by providing them with information regarding the best way to spend their money, how to prioritize home improvements when on a budget. And now, I am here to pass that information onto my readers, so long as they can stand my rambling sometimes!

Large two family home with new exterior features such as windows and siding. What was their home improvement priority?
What do you notice first about this home? Is it the windows, siding, soffits and fascia?

Michelle’s Goals

Over the next several weeks I will be discussing topics such:

  1. Window Installation and replacement
  2. Siding Installation and replacement
  3. Cleaning / maintaining windows and siding
  4. Choosing Soffits, Fascia, and Gutters
  5. Increasing your homes value to sell

Within each of these topics will discuss how important each aspect is to the exterior value of your home or your investment property.  I have also strategically created this list in the order of relative importance when it comes to your homes appearance and value.

Window Installation and Replacement

The windows of your home are critical to the resale value. They play a minor role on the exterior of your home as well as a major role on the interior value of your home.  The next time you enter your friends house or a neighbors house ask yourself where the windows are located, if they look well maintained, and if they are making the room more vibrant or not.  Odds are, the homes that you thought looked the nicest in your neighborhood, will have the newer windows.

Siding Installation and Replacement

Siding is primarily an external beautifier. What this means is that you rarely see what the siding looks like while you are inside your home, which is why this ranks second.  However; the siding plays very critical aspects in how energy efficient your home is, as well as the resale value.  Since the siding covers the majority of the exterior of your home it is what people will notice first or at a glance.

Soffits, Fascia, and Gutters

We’ve all heard that the devil is in the details, and that remains true when it comes to the soffits and fascia of your home.  While these features may not be as apparent as the windows or siding, a new home buyer will look at these details up close before they buy. The soffits, fascia, and gutters play a critical role in how your roof handles humidity and rain water.

Your Homes Priority – Increasing Your Homes Value

The goal of this blog is to help homeowners identify the areas that they can put money into their home to get the largest return on that investment. Over the years, we have moved three times and each time we have upgraded significantly because of the improvements we made to our old homes. I would like to share that information with my readers.

Whether you choose to remodel your windows or siding, or something else is up to you. I am just looking to make sure that when you make a decision you make the one that adds the most value to your property. If you have any questions, or are faced with a unique home improvement problem, feel free to contact me here.