Hello world!

My name is Michelle Beck, and I went to school for writing.  Over the years I had to face the reality which is life, and start working on projects that can help support my family. And as such, I started working in the home improvement sector with my husband Charles.

Then we had kids, and I became a stay at home mom in order to help raise them properly. During my tenure as a mom, I was able to help make sure my kids, Andy and Emily, would be able to grow into functioning adults.  As of August 2017, both of my children have graduated from school and began working full time jobs.

So, with a solid foundation and my husbands company, I find myself wanting to do what I loved when I was young – write. I am writing to all of you now as a successful mother, a teacher, and a businesswoman who worked with contracting technicians for twenty years! And as such I want to share what I learned in several categories.

  1. Window Installation and replacement
  2. Siding Installation and replacement
  3. Cleaning / maintaining windows and siding
  4. Choosing Soffits, Fascia, and Gutters
  5. Increasing your homes value to sell

The goal of this blog is to help homeowners identify the areas that they can put money into their home to get the largest return on that investment. Over the years, we have moved three times and each time we have upgraded significantly because of the improvements we made to our old homes. I would like to share that information with my readers.